WIP (Work in Progress) – Blood Bird

Lera lives peacefully in the Celtic village of Camulodon where her biggest worry is who her mother, the queen, will force her to marry. However, when she is kidnapped by vicious Norsemen, her tranquil life is forever changed. She must find a way out of her enslavement by solving the ancient mystery of the Fenrir wolf before it ultimately comes looking for her.

More about the story…                                           Lera

Lera is a seventeen year old Celtic princess (yes, she is seventeen and not a wife yet). Her parents want her to marry within her own stature, but because of her age, most of her suitors are elderly men. Despite her feelings, she knows she has to accept the inevitable and marry one of them. She is just a woman after all, doomed to a pointless life.

Oddly enough, it’s only after the Norse kidnap her does she begin to realize she is not destined to a dull and loveless existence, and that her life is what she makes of it.


In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a giant wolf born to the trickster god, Loki, and Angrboða, the giantess. As the myth goes, Fenrir grows up to be such a powerful being that the other gods begin to fear him. It doesn’t help that he is destined from birth to bring about Ragnarök, the end of the world.

To try and keep the wolf under control, the other gods decide to use a magical chain that he can’t break, and they tie him to Gioll (a special rock down inside the Earth). Eventually, he gets free and that’s when all Hell breaks loose.

In my story, the exact myth is altered a bit, but it keeps to the same idea that Fenrir has the ability to destroy life itself.


Hel is also a child of Loki and Angrboða, which makes her Fenrir’s sister. She is the ruler of the underworld, not Valhalla, but Helheim. It’s the place where you go if you die without honor, like of old age, sickness, or as a slave. Helheim is somewhere between Nifheim (a really cold place) and Muspelheim (a really hot place).

Hel is depicted in slightly different ways, but usually with two alternating sides. I think the coolest description of her is being half beautiful and half dead. There are more interesting tidbits about Hel and her kingdom, for example, a hall made out of corpses, and a blood stained watch dog. But again, the depiction of Hel in my story will be slightly different than the myths.

Interesting note – Some think that is where the phrase, “go to Hell” comes from. I guess if you were mad at someone you would want to send them to the half-goddess, Hel, so you would say, “go to Hel.”


A volva was a Norse woman who was a prophet or mystic. Many societies like the Greeks and the Romans had their version of a volva.


Why is the novel called, Blood Bird?

If you remember that Fenrir is destined to bring about the end of the world, well there are three birds in Norse mythology that are tied to the Fenrir myth. These three birds are suppose to signal when Ragnarök starts. Although the first bird doesn’t have anything to do with blood, I have titled it as such based on its description in the myth and in my story.

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