The Search for my Rhythm

Regrettably, what I thought would happen, did. For those that don’t know, I started a new job this year. I am now officially a media coordinator at the same elementary school that I worked at last year. This has been a great change for it was a promotion and a new position. However, because I had to develop my library legs (you know, like sea legs) I was thrown off of my normal school routine. My writing suffered because of it. In fact, it came to a complete halt. But there is still hope. For now, I have found my rhythm. Just like sports, writing has a rhythm to it. An internal beat that dives the story on inside of us from one day to the next. It allows us to pick up from where we last wrote, to continue to express the tale we see playing out in our heads. I believe that most things in this world have a certain rhythm and finding it in your daily life can increase your happiness. So now that I have found my “writing rhythm” again, I plan to continue on with the habit of using it. Will it be at the same pace as I had over the summer? No, but sitting down and writing something is better than nothing at all. Whether you are suffering from writer’s block or just an extremely busy life, know this, your writing has a rhythm to it. Find it. Once you do, you will have no problem spinning the rest of your tale.