The Review That Got Me Blackballed Out of the Service, (media service that is)

This review is about the book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimah. It’s the story of a mouse, Mrs. Frisby, who needs help moving her house before the farmer destroys it with his plow.

Although I’ve seen the movie, I’ve never read the actual story, up until now. I am sorry to disappoint my fellow bloggers and blog readers but this review didn’t get me “blackballed” or fired from any job. However, it will probably turn an eyebrow or two since I didn’t favor the book. Here’s why…

I know Robert O’Brien’s 1971 story is a beloved classic and who wouldn’t like those adorable animals and their human like traits. The setting is well described for the most part, and as a reader, you feel for Mrs. Frisby and her plight to save her son, Timothy.

But that might be it for me. It’s a classic tale of “don’t watch the movie before reading the book,” and in this case, I did. I prefer the story changes in the Hollywood version more than the original work itself. For instance, I guess it’s the romantic in me, but I liked how Mrs. Frisby and Justin’s relationship was insinuated in the movie. (I know this is a children’s story, but I can’t help what I like). “Spolier” Plus, it annoyed me how I still don’t know for sure if Justin died in the book or if it was another rat who went back to save Brutus.

Justin wasn’t the only character I had a problem with. I enjoyed the movie’s version of Jenner more as the big bad villain than how O’Brien portrayed him. In the book, Jenner came across as just a rat with an independent streak. (Blah, I like them bad to the bone.) Finally, the scene where Mrs. Frisby goes down to see the rats just doesn’t excite me like it does in the movie where I have no trouble visualizing the awesome beauty.

Robert O’Brien did a good job writing this classic story, but the movie takes the chocolate in this case.

This book receives three out of five chocolate bars. 

Rating = Go see the movie.