Author Friends

Erosa Knowles

Erosa Knowles is a multitalented author and business woman. She began self-publishing herstories about a year and a half ago, and they have achieved measurable success.  Her romantic styles can be found in every one of her books, which she successfully brings to life with the help of her sizzling Miami personality. If you read one of her books, you’ll definitely be screaming, “holy hot tamales” in no time.

Lawked Flame, is proof of her writing brilliance. Her characters are so well developed, the reader can’t help but cheer for Alayna and Khayden, the two main characters, as they try and find love or rather love seeks to find them. The question is, are they both ready for what it has to offer and what it means to their future, more importantly, the world’s?

Erosa is more than just a novelist and business woman. The kindness she shows beginning authors is immeasurable. Having started a writer’s group in her own town, Erosa spends her time helping other writers with their stories. She offers wisdom and guidance while asking nothing in return.

Lawked Flame can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashword, and numerous other book stores and websites. Also, check out Erosa’s fan page on Facebook, you won’t be disappointed!

Lea Zalas

Lea Zalas is the author and editor of the exquisite love story, Eventually. Her romantic skills know no bounds as she takes her readers on dizzying heights of bravery, love, hatred and revenge. The author pulls us into her story as we follow Lexi Stavros’ plight from a terrifying childhood to finding blessed love, but that powerful gift is threatened by an enemy from Lexi’s past, an enemy  who will stop at nothing to destroy it.

 A true woman of all traits, Lea Zalas is a mother, has been a construction worker, a truck driver, a secretary, a waitress, a real estate broker, and now an author and editor. Traveling all over the eastern US, she ended up back in the south after realizing her true southern bell charm.

She is a lover of dogs and people, evident by her close knit family and friends. She also owns her own editing company, Southern Fried Editing, where she offers not only her talented editing skills, but some down home author attention.

Her eBook, Eventually, can be purchased on,,,,, Kono, Diesel, and many other sites. and

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams is the author of two short stories, Squishing the TaTas, and The Other Woman, in the eBook, Cassandra’s Roadhouse, a collection of sagas from various genres. The eBook has a little of everything from fantasy to adventure, so it’s sure to spark an interest with any reader.

Originally from New England, Sharon now lives in North Carolina with her loving husband and son. She is an avid bird enthusiast and studier, or perhaps the birds own her since she has 8 of them. Besides writing, she hold a degree in chemistry, likes to take photographs, draw, watch movies, exercise, listen to music, and runs a book club at her local library.

Her up and coming children’s book, Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure, will be making its grand appearance in the near future. Be on the look out for it folks!

Cassandra’s Roadhouse can be purchased on Amazon and Smashwords.

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