Book ‘Em Conference and Book Fair in Lumberton, 2013

I am writing this post to let all my fellow writers and book lovers know about this great event. This past February, I had the pleasure of attending the very first Book ‘Em Conference with my good friend, Sharon. The Book ‘Em Writers Conference was held in Lumberton, North Carolina back in February and the foundation is already planning a second annual conference February 23 of next year. Now I know what you are thinking, February, why that’s seven months away! But I didn’t have a blog back then to write how great the first one was, and I didn’t want to forget to share this excellent event with all of my friends.

There are several things I found wonderful about this conference. For one, the conference is a perfect place if you are just beginning to write. You will be surrounded by other new writers all with like minds and eager hearts. There are seminars and classes offered ranging from character development, settings, to getting published the easy way. Mostly small and medium publishing houses attend conferences like these. But smaller publishing companies are a great way to get your foot in the door and some authors prefer them to big house names. The publishers attending usually hold a Q and A session where the audience can ask questions. This is invaluable to an author because you receive first hand information about the business and create those much needed contacts.

Hold the back button, I’m not done yet! The Book ‘Em Conference isn’t just for writers, it’s for book lovers as well. Along with the conference, there is a book fair featuring local authors from North Carolina and the surrounding states. What reader doesn’t like to be among rising talent, and with all the new authors featuring their work, your chances of running into the next C.L. Lewis, Beatrix Potter, or Nora Roberts is high. Plus, the Book ‘Em foundation always features a “big wig” author or guest speaker/s. This past year it was Carla Neggers and Michael Palmer, Michael Palmer, please! The movie, Extreme Measures, is based off of his book with the same name. I remember watching that movie with Gene Hackman, Hugh Grant, and Sara Jessica Parker, and it was good. This year’s guest speakers are Chuck Williams, who was in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and Mary Alice Monroe, whose romantic books are published all over the world.

Most importantly, the conference is FREE. So please pull out your calendars, your phones, your sticky notes, and mark the date, February 23, 2013. This author will see you there!

11 thoughts on “Book ‘Em Conference and Book Fair in Lumberton, 2013

      • I skipped out on going to my local conference (NJ SCBWI) for a few years because of cost, and also because I’m already published and a lot of the classes were for newbies. But I went this year, and it was great. Worth the $$. Now whether I attend again next year is up for debate. Might be an every-couple-of-years kind of thing.

      • That sounds like good advice, will have to see how my finances are when registration comes around. Thanks for the helpful hints! πŸ™‚

    • You need to go with us to the Book ‘Em fair/convention! It be FREE! Yes, for sure, I’ll let ya know if we’re going to the others, I wanna go to at least one other. Yeah, I just saw that it passed. You’re right, that would have been cool to go to. 😦

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