Book Review

The Lemonade War

When I first set out to read this book, I had my doubts. I don’t read a lot of realistic stories, especially ones about little kids, and so I thought I would never end up liking this book. Boy, was I wrong.

The story revolves around Evan Treski and his sister, Jessi, as they battle it out one hot summer to see who can earn one hundred dollars first by selling, you guessed it, lemonade! It’s not without a few comedic episodes as both brother and sister try to sabotage the other from winning. Their antics will keep any child entertained, but as an adult, I really enjoyed reading about the two main characters’ thoughts and feelings. Especially those I have personally experienced. The narrator keeps an omniscient view point, but jumps back and forth between the two siblings letting the reader get to know both of them on a personal level. This creates real, meaningful characters, a quality not always found in adult books.

The Lemonade War is the first of a series of three books by Jacqueline Davies. It’s classified as realistic fiction and is a good read for grades 3rd through 5th.

This reader gives the book four out of five chocolate bars.  Rating = Yum

5 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. I really like your blog picture and enjoyed the book review. Now I must read the book, especially with a four chocolate bar rating. Reading and chocolate are two things I could not live without.

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